SOHW 1653 and software compatiblity

Hi, Newbie here…
I am looking to buy a great DVD burner.
I’ve searched all over the CDFreaks forums looking for the “best” overall burner. The general consensus seems to be centered more on the Liteon SOHW-1653 S, NEC 3520a, BenQ 1620, Pioneer 108

My real question is…
I plan to use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit and burn home movies.

Is the Liteon SOHW-1653 S compatible with Adobe Premiere?
or maybe I should get Pinnacle Systems 9 software.

Has anyone used this software with their Liteon drive?
Has their been any problems?

Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks

Have you read these threads?

if you want a great writer, get the benq 1620 pro. it’s cheaper than a liteon 1653/73s and the burn quality is much better. just look at the benq forum.

With the Liteon 16x3S models (this does NOT include 1673s ! ), crossflashing to Sony DRU710A may help with software, I’ve definately seen software that supports the Sont, but does not have the underlying 1633S Liteon model - but this was an update to some older software - anything current ought to know the 1633S.

Thanks everyone. And yes… I did do a search and found the mentioned links.
Very helpful. I’m leaning strongly toward buying the BenQ DW 1620a Pro.

Thanks for your input!!