SOHW-1633S weak DOOR power or CASE problem?

Recently purchased a SOHW-1633S I belive since my other DVD (4 GB) 811? Worked so well, still does in older PC, and the support from Lite on is good, they replace a drive right away.

Anyway, my new case includes a DVD spring door that covers the front of the DVD driver. It opens fine if there is no DVD in it, but if there is, the POWER needed to OPEN the disc driver is not sufficient to OPEN the cover. The spring is rather strong. Just wondering if the Lite On is underpowered, OR the SPRING is too tight.

I suppose I could RMA it for another one, but enjoy the copying/back up of movies using DVD Shrink.

Thoughts, POV, expressions??



Get rid of your spring door mate !

You don’t really need it. And no the liteon is NOT underpowered - maybe they were not built with “spring doors” in mind :slight_smile:

Is there any way you could possibly loosen the spring slightly ? Perhaps it is to your advantage that the door won’t open, as a safety feature not to break the mechanism inside your drive, when there is certain pressure, the mechanism is reversed, so it’s possible the spring is too strong and is the equivalent of sticking your hands in front of the door whilst pushing eject… (don’t try this at home kids!) :smiley:

I know, I suppose I don’t need it (door) maybe I won’'t keep the case even though it looks really cool, is quiet, and keeps the cpu at 38C.


How are these drives? I just bought it since I needed one for the new system and thought, well, I liked the 811S? so why not get the dual layer. Also where is a good place to get dual layer media and what works the best? My memorex always did good in my 811.


I too have an 811S and got a new 1633 - How are they ? well in my opinion, the 1633 has poor quality CD-R support and burn quality comapred to the 811S, which gave excellent results. It seems the 1633 is fussier about media than the 811S and produces mixed results (a step backward I suppose). As to dual layer, it is fairly expensive and don’t expect it to go down as much as regular DVD, it’s useless to me, it’s much cheaper for me to produce something on 2 RICOHJPN DVD+Rs than 1 dual layer one, and the difference is HUGE.

I’d say aveage to poor burning for dual layer media, 12x and 16x burns… average for 8x burns, and average to acceptable for 4x. Under rare circumstances you can get excellent readings from certain quality media, in which case you stick to them.