SOHW-1633S upgrade error



I’ve got a SOHW-1633S (from a Dell GX620, if it matters) that I’m trying to upgrade the firmware on. I downloaded the latest firmware, BS0Y and attempted to install it but was presented the the attached error.

Looks like their firmware tool is broken? What other methods should I use to update the firmware?


It’s because your drive uses BGSx firmware. Flashing it to LiteOn BS0Y firmware would void your warranty, if it still has one. If you want to use this firmware or better still the better 1653S CS0T crossflashing firmware, then you can use the firmware on my site (see my signature). :wink:


Ah, so the BGSx is OEM firmware while the BS0x line is retail? I’m a BenQ guy and have had to ‘retail flash’ an OEM drive before. Is this essentially what can be done with this SOHW-1633S drive?

Whats the benefit of the 1653S over the 1633S? They’re physically the same drives, just different firmware?

If I wanted to keep the drive a 1633S, I’d download the 1633S.BS0Y.patched-cf-mcled, use the OmniPatcher, make a firmware backup, flash it with the patched BS0Y, reboot and thats it?


Yes, BS0Y is the latest official 1633 firmware. And yes, the 1213, 1613, 1633 and 1653 are physically the same hardware, just the firmware is different. The advantage of flashing with the latest 1653 firmware is that CS0T supports 285 mediacodes, BS0Y only 247, and that can be necessary when using the latest dvd’s. I’m using CS0T now more then a year and I’m very happy with it. I think it 's the most mature firmware for this generation of drives.
When you use the patched firmwares from the CodeGuys site, it’s not necessary to use OmniPatcher (they are already patched for crossflashing and the multicolor-led). Use the new Flash-Utility for backing up your current firmware. And it’s wise to backup your EEPROM with the EEPROM-utility, another fine tool from the CodeGuys.

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In addition to what ldw says, the 1653S firmware also supports 12x CAV -R burning and 4x DVD+R DL burning. :wink: