SOHW 1633S Recording Problems



First of all hello to everyone and just to say I am glad to participate in this forum.

Here is my story. I purchased a SOHW-1633S in November 2004. My first media was Verbatim +R 8X and it worked just fine. Later on I moved to something cheaper, like Bulkpaq -R 8X, which I finally trashed since every recording (even at 6x and 4x) generated errors and CRCs on most sectors.

I got Datawrite Titanium 8X and thought all works fine, I also changed the firmware to BS0S in case there was a compatibility problem. However I kept getting errors on my DVDs and especially those that have many files and subdirectories. The most strange thing is that some DVDs were not even readable by the recorder itself. I just recorded one, I put it in and it takes about 30’’ crashing all around without being able to show the content.

Just to verify what I am writting, I also tried the DVDs in other readers and recorders and in general they have plenty of errors. I feel a little fed up with this situation and I recall my nice old recordings with a plextor cdrw 16x smooth and without verification procedures ever.

Someone recommended me the LITEON and that is why I purchased it. The reading seems very good but I have all these problems in the recording. I am using Nero The hardware is fine, unless we consider the recorder. As for the software I don’t think there is anything wrong during the rec process. There is something wrong with the whole thing, cos I’ve been recording for many years and this behaviour is very unstable (once the DVD can be read and once not).

Can someone with the same burner give some advice please. I need to find out if the part has a fault or if it’s not as good as they say finally.

Also pls offer some information on the media, i.e TDK, Tayo Yuden,Datawrite etc which one is best for 8X and most compatible. That might help me figure out if it is the media or something.

Thanks a lot



I have the SOHW-1633S with the BS41 firmware on it and have no issues. Had no issues either when I had the BS0S firmware.

I think your problem is media related. You might want to try other media on the drive in order to see how it does.

Make sure that the discs are closed, as a matter of fact no multi-session burns.

You can use Nero CD-DVD Speed’s Create Data Disc option to write a disc for testing. You can the use the Transfer Rate test option to test the readability of the disc. The Disc Quality test will also confirm the quality of the burns.


Thanks for the quick reply, I will do so. How can I get BS41? Any recommendations on media as well?



BS41 is too old. you can flash with a 1653s firmware like CS0P or CSTR, but it will void your warranty. verbatim +r (mcc002/3), yuden t02 and ricohjpnr01/02 are very good media to use with liteons.

look here for firmwares:

before flashing to CSTR, you need to apply crossflashing patch with omnipatcher:

read the documentations carefully!
you should also post a cd-dvd speed scan (@4x) from a recently burnt disc.

good luck.


My 1633 came with BS0C, but the first burn was terrible. I flashed it right away with BS0R, and it burned nice. With BS0S it functioned fine too. Lately I upgraded the drive to a 1653 (due to the lack of recent 1633 firmwares) and the firmware it liked best was CS0P, in my drive it performed better then CSTJ and CS0M. Now I’m working with CSTR and the results are great, both with cd and dvd. I always burn dvd’s max. 8x as I don’t believe the 1633 is capable of making good burns at higher speeds. Audio and data cd’s I burn 16 - 24x. I still use Nero Every disk is checked with KProbe. I’m using an 80 conductor cable, my drive is recognised as udma4, KProbe reports a healthy burstrate of 41 mb/s.
Hope you get your drive back in shape. Good luck, keep us informed.

:smiley: Leo


If you don’t want to cross-flash your SOHW-1633S to a SOHW-1653S you can simply download the BS41 - stock firmware listed under LiteOn SOHW-1633S on codeguys web site.

As for media, Taiyo Yuden is the most recommended media around.


Thanks everyone for the replies. I have installed BS41 and moded the LED to be Red during recording;p
I noticed omnipatcher allows to assign different speeds for different media. I didn’t modify it of course, but would this have a real impact on the drive? I mean if someone mods it, it can actually push the drive to record faster on some media types? (with errors I guess)

I will try Taiyo Yuden and TDKs for a start to see if I get any improvements with BS41. Is there another way to verify my data except from Nero’s verify? (it usually crashes when there are errors)

I also contacted LITEON who told me some crap about reinstalling Nero and also testing the drive on a different machine, but my experience tells me it is either the media or something with the drive, I will know soon. The bad news is that some important data is now lost and I can’t recover it:(

Thanks again


make a quality scan with nero cd-dvd speed as i already recommended above.


Same trouble here.Datasafe were the only good brand for me,then bad batches came out,so moved to yellow princos(i know youre not advised to) but they worked. Some disc are now having read errors,it had the endless lead out prob till i switched back to nero 6.3. Recently tried verbatims and wouldnt write lead out and only at 1x instead of 4x on disc.Bought titaniums 16x-r and they wont burn above 4x without lead in error and a rattle.
I used original firmware for my 1633s,but have tried @1653 crossflashed firmwares and none seem to be much improvement.
Do you think its possibly a defective drive?,have cleaned it,dma is on,defragged disc,aspi all reinstalled as with nero.Kind of at a loss here.
Would try krpobe but don`t know how to use it alongside nero,any ideas?


I have no problems with the 1633 myself, with BSOS - The only thing about LITEON is the overall lower burning quality, but that is if you are very fussy - still within specs by far - The LITEONs are pretty fussy about media and as someone pointed out, the RICOHJPN and YUDENS burn great - I personally have successfully burnt RITEK and CMC media with the 1633, however I do notice burn quality getting worse with every new version of writer.

As far as CRC errors and such I think you answered your own question in your post. It can be one of two things… Media quality or a bad drive. That same crappy media could burn great on other burners, but you also must think of how long they will last that way. If you are archiving important data that you want to keep for many years to come and peace of mind I always recommend to use the top quality media, paying a few cents more is well worth it. Personally I use both the TOP graded media and the regular media and some that people call crap…and have yet to have one bad disc on me.


Now this is funny,a reflash to csop seems to have done the trick,but still didnt get to burn past 4x or it would fail with power calibration.This was after a reinstall of nero.It burned an 8x,then failed again and had to burn at 4x.
This is second lite on drive ive bought,think itll be the last tho,so damn picky,so if you were to buy another writer greg which one would you buy for write quality?