SOHW-1633s Problems

My 1633S dvd-rw drive recently will burn information onto the dvd but will not read the information that it just wrote… it will also play some dvd movies but not others…and sometimes a dvd movie will be inserted and the dvd drive cannot find anything inside the drive.

I have updated firmware to the most recent, tried different types of media (including a blank disc that came with the dvd burner that i found :p), i have tried many many different burning applications.

For the most part the cd burner portion of the drive works perfectly

I was reading in a previous thread of someone who has a simliar problem

I was wondering about how to reinstall my controllers.
Or i am looking for a new solution.

If anyone willing to help needs any additional information just ask

Hi & welcome :slight_smile:

It’s possible that your DVD-laser is on it’s way out (too weak to read all discs) and you’ll have to replace the drive.

About the controllers, check this tutorial on DMA setting. Basically you uninstall the IDE-channel in Device Manager and reboot.

As a final suggestion, you can try upgrading to 1635S firmware from Just download and run “CS0T - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED” from here .

thanks for help

i guess that the laser is going bad.

i tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it, and i tried upgrading firmware.

when i upgraded the firmware i was excited to see that it recognized a dvd that i put in. so i burned a dvd image(which burned from what i see), but when it went to verify it says theres no medium in the drive and could not read it. It also said something about syncing cache failed.

theres a screenshot of the error.

i would try to use nero to burn the image as a second try but now the drive doesnt see blank dvds again lol

So ive already bought a new dvd burner and i guess ill use this as a spare cd burner since that part of it still functions.

Thank you for help again