SOHW-1633S : Problems Reading CD's

My drive is really erratic when it comes to reading ‘shrink wrap’ CD’s like game CDs. Sometimes it spins up and reads it, sometimes it spins up slowly and reads it, sometimes it just ‘clunks’ and nothing happens, sometimes it does any combo of the above and shows the disc as blank. SEEMS to read DVDs okay however. I have not tried to burn anything yet.

I have it installed in a new system as a Master. I am using MS IDE drivers (had NVIDIA but rolled back and verified MS is the IDE driver now).

LiteOn tech support says there is a bug in SP2 that is causing the drive to flake out.

Anybody have a similar problem? Comments? Fix?

Trying to decide if I need to RMA the drive.

Jopopsy :confused:

I have similar problems with my SOHW-1633S. It just won’t read any CD media - whether it be CD-R, CD-RW, or manufactured. It reads DVDs fine. It won’t write CDs either - at first it would just say it was writing then when it hit the lead-out, it would freeze and produce a coaster. Now it won’t even try to burn. I’ve tried several brands of media. I think I might have to RMA it.

When it tries to read CD media, it just makes a weird beep noise (like when a floppy disk drive is seeking) a few times, then the green light blinks and it gives up.

I’m RMA refunded the drive. I gave up on it. It also didn’t like being in the slave configuration; I like my burner as a slave and my standard reader as the master.

I ordered the Pioneer Dual layer; it was almost double the price but so worth it. DVR|PIONEER DVR-A08XL DVD+/-RW BK R. Got it at Newegg.