SOHW-1633S problem

Hi, I’m having a problem with my LiteOn SOHW-1633S. I was burning a CD in nero, overburned it by about 5-10 seconds because it was too big, and when it got to 100% it kept spinning up and spinning down and making a weird noise. Nero was locked up so I went into task manager and ended the process but it was still doing the same thing. So I just rebooted the computer and pulled the CD out.

Now, the drive won’t read any CDR’s. It attempts to spin up but makes this quiet click sound instead. I can read DVD’s just fine but the drive still doesn’t make the loud spin up/spin down sounds. I flashed the firmware on the drive from BS0H to BS0S but it still won’t read CDRs.

Any thoughts?

why overburn when stuff like that can happen :wink:

it’s cd capabilities are gone… get a new drive as there’s nothing you can do to recover it.

That’s why overburning is not advised… It can kill a drive!

Wow this really sucks. I only overburned it by a few seconds. This data being burned was 80 minutes but just a few seconds over. Why is this option available if it kills the drives?

:confused: I’ve overburned a lot CDs of times before without killing the drive. Your drive may have been defective to start with, and if that’s the case, then overburning might’ve just been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. Overburning should otherwise not be problematic like that.