SOHW-1633S power issue

I don’t know if this is a normal issue that you should expect, or a abnormal issue that LiteOn can fix:

For about a month my DVD-writer has not been able to read my DVD-RWs. I suspected that by trying to use the DVD-RWs in Linux, it may have corrupted the disc. At times it would read the folder structure, but would take an abnormal amount of time to do so. Recently it stopped reading DVDs altogether, all the time reading CDs & writing DVDs just fine.

I changed the IDE cable connected to the drive, & tried the other port on my motherboard. I exchanged the drive thinking that was causing my problem, but oddly the new drive produced the same issue. Nothing seemed to fix the problem, until I simply thought what changes I had made to my computer recently.

I had bought 2 SATA hard drives & a HD cooling fan. SATA HDs probably consume more power than IDE. I unplugged one of my SATA HDs & booted into Windows. It was able to read my DVDs again. I was so happy that they were not corrupt, but upset that the problem was so simple.

I think the problem lies in the firmware, because whenever you insert a disc into the LiteOn SOHW-1633S it makes a bit of noise while loading the disc. Instead of not loading the disc it should be able to share power with my other components.

I don’t have another 350W power supply to try in my computer, but I don’t think that is the issue. Any feedback or similar occurences on this problem will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Definitley sounds like a power supply issue. Spinning up the drive when you put in a disc always happens and that takes some wattage. IMHO, you ought to upgrade the PSU to, say, an Antec 450, with all those drives sucking up a lot of wattage. I doubt you could get this fixed by a “low power” firmware or somesuch.

BTW linux would never ‘corrupt’ your DVDs, even if mounted with rw option, so that wouldn’t ever be the problem.

Try the latest f/w for the drive either BSOS or BS41 see if that solves the issue, it does sound odd that its just with reading dvd-rw disks :confused:, so its possibly not the Power supply. BTW 1633s just seems to be a noisy drive when starting up, :frowning: dont know why but I have 2 of them and both sound the same on starting up, thankfully they’re as quiet as a mouse once running though :slight_smile:

If your low on power then yes it could be the problem, and you might need a bigger PSU how well does it work at reading 48x cd’s?
Have you got AMD Athlon64? If you have you need to be aware that it swallows a lot more power than AthlonXP, so you definately need a 400w+ power supply, also if your on the newer Intel P4 64bit version you might need to try changing your power supply. I might be right in saying AthlonXP higher end processors also use a lot of power, and any overclocking of the processor will undoubtedly consume more power.

Depending on what type of HD cooling fan you bought, that could be swallowing some power too. I think SATA in a Raid setup does use more power, but I have the same in my system as listed in my signature, this works happily with a 450w power supply. :bigsmile: Hope this helps.

SATA HDs probably consume more power than IDE.

shouldnt do, P-ATA (more commonly reffered to as IDE) and S-ATA are just the drives interfaces the power consumption shouldnt be any different.

I have a 300 watt power supply with 5 SATA drives and two 1633S drives. Also with an Athlon 64 3000+. I can burn with both 1633S drives and with all the hard drives spinning I have no power problems. I have an Enermax power supply.

I have a 300 watt power supply with 5 SATA drives and two 1633S drives. Also with an Athlon 64 3000+. I can burn with both 1633S drives and with all the hard drives spinning I have no power problems.

If your not telling porkies then your f**kin lucky!!!
That kind of set up should eat your power supply, by simply having an AMD64 in the setup, see the AMD64 forums you’ll see what I mean the AMD64 processor eats power dont tell me you have it running seriously underclocked??? What kind of Ram you got in this setup? 5 SATA drives in 1 system? + 2x 1633S drives? are these all installed at once FFS? What moby board do you have. I’m not calling you a liar but it sounds pretty unlikely sooner or later your gonna need more power! R u sure its only a 300w PSU?

My vote is for power supply as well. See this post:

You were right it’s a 370watt power supply. I got it confused with another powersupply I bought for my HTPC. But that is still only 20 watts more than the thread starter has. I just know I haven’t had any power issues, but I also use Enermax Power Supplies because they are rated very well. If they say 370 watts, it can pretty much handle it. The Power Suppply that came with the case(which I replaced with the Enermax) is supposed to be a 350watt PS. But I’m not sure if it could handle everything I have in the case.
I have a tower PC with 10 hard drives in it and a DVDF burner and DVD reader. That draws alot of power but the apporoximately 400watt PS in that can handle everything, but those are only PATA drives.