Sohw-1633s not responding!


This is my first post on and I hope that someone can help me with my problem.

First of all, I downloaded Nero InfoTool and I couldn’t get it working. It wouldn’t save and it kept giving me a “must shut down” type of error in which it needs to send into to Microsoft. So if anyone knows how else i can get a good log to add on to this post to provide more information. Please let me know.

Now, for the main problem. I have been an owner of a Lite-On 1633S DVDRW burner for a while now, and while I didn’t have many problems, the problems I had were easily fixed by people like yourselves and others. This problem just started today, I have been recently try to encode a DVD which was on my hard drive. It wasn’t encoding right so I tried re-ripping with DVDDecrypter. So I try to rip the DVD again and my DVD drive wouldn’t read it.

What would happen is that I would stick in the DVD and it would make a small sound, kind of like a low tone beep. It wouldn’t be long, or even loud for that matter. It would occur every few seconds until I tried to ciew the contents of the DVD and then it would lock up for about 10 seconds and then show that it had no contents on it.

So I tried a normal CD and it didn’t work either. Gave me the same errors as before.

I also upgraded to the newest firmware too and that didn’t help.

As I said, I have been a Lite-On owner for over a year and it’s a great product.

So if anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


did u crossflash to CS0T? <- i suggest u flash to that as that is the latest lite-on FW available for ur drive: the Sony D22A, 710A, Lite-on SOHW 1633s, and 1653s are all the same drives :p. btw, the CS0T w/ fast burn is also out as well (it increases 12x burning speed)…doesnt work for all drives tho, so maybe u should just CF to the patched CS0T FW. let me kno how it goes. :wink:

aerogramme - Have you checked your device manager to make sure the IDE channel your DVD drive is connected to is still set to Ultra DMA mode?

Some of the more experienced Lite-On members here could tell you if a reset of your learnt media might help (using EEProm and backing up first).

i tried downlaod that up firmware you told me about and it says i don’t have a 1653s. and it would flash.

i am pretty sure download the right one, the the firmware page that everyone talks about in here. SC0T right?

and yeah, i just check the device manager and they are both set to DMA Ultra mode.

sigh. i just don’t want to have to get a new dvd burner. :frowning:

heres the link CS0T stock

and ya…it shouldnt have shown that u have a 1653s…as u only have a 1633s, but after the flash, u will then have a 1653s @ CS0T…btw, if successful, u will get a window saying so, and will ask u to restart ur computer. gl. :slight_smile:

hey. thanks for the advice mk_ln. but my problem is still there. except it is a little different now. i updated with the latest firmware and i got the reboot dialog box and i rebooted. it still makes the little sound but now the light is blinking and will not stop at all.

i was wondering a few things. with the information i have given. is it possible to determine if the drive is broken or if it can be fixed with certain firmware changes. and if it can, how would i go about getting rid of my firmware and starting over.

thanks. i hope i get a reply to this. thanks for all you who have replied anyhow.


ah well. guess i will have to buy a new drive. thanks for the help people.

good community though none the less.