Sohw-1633s hacked firmware? post them here!

ive been searching, searching, and searching, and really have come up with almost nothing.

i found the omni patcher, and some one posted in the middle of a thread, a 16x hacked one.

and that is all i can find. please post any and all hacked 1633 firmwares here!

Have a look here under firmware.

There are no hacked 1633S firmwares posted because we don’t hack 1633S firmwares. We just make and release the tools to let you hack the firmware yourself. So all you need is an unencrypted version of the 1633S firmware and the OmniPatcher, and then you can go and have some fun hacking.

are there any other tools out there that will let you play with the rip speed? cause you can basically only toy with the write speed in op right?

It’s called a hex editor. :wink: OP will let you set 12 rip speeds, which is considered ideal.

I believe there was a 16x read hack, but it wasted so much time in retry and slowdown at the end, that the 12x was faster.

What WOULD be great, would be a P-CAV read hack, but I’ve no idea if it’s even possible (eg. Start as fast as possible, ramp up to 12x, and then stay at 12x).

What would be even better would be enough knowledge of the chipsets command structure that we could “write” our own strategy for a particular media, defining such things as laser power, rotational speed, data rate, and the slope and breakpoints of the control functions for these parameters.

Hey, everyone needs a dream. :bigsmile: