Sohw-1633s Gbs4 Help!

I recently purchased an older model Gateway tower. I know I need firmware, my problem is the firmware on the web site doesn’t support the model in the computer and neither company seems to want to help. I’ve read about crossflashing, but I’m not sure where to start. My problem is that my new verbatim 16x DVD-R are not burning at all. They only read up to 4x but when I hit burn it says “illegal disk” burn process failed.

Any help is much appreciated!
Thank You

Download the latest 1633S-patched firmware from Codeguy’s site here and just run it. You can try the 1653S or 710A patched firmwares also. You may also want to reset the learned media with the tool from here.

Thanks for the info. I will give it a try.

Would be nice if you posted the mediacode of your Verbatim media. If it is MCC 03RG20-00, 1633/BS0S and BS0Y and Sony710/BYX5 support it to 8x, 1653/CS0R and CS0T support it to 12x.

:slight_smile: Leo

Where do I find the mediacode, that’s something I never looked for before.

Use DVD Identifier to identify any media you have.