Sohw-1633s (DRU-710A) Won't Read or Flash

:sad: Hi All - I have a Sony DRU-710A that just up and died on me. It gave me some serious errors in Nero and XP reports it as not responding when I try to read files off of any type disc. I cleaned with compressed air. I ran the Sony drive test and write was OK - read failed. Next I tried to flash with stock firmware file (BYX5) from sony site - failed instantly without explanation as to why, then tried xflash BYX5 file from code guys - failed and then tried stock and modified BYX5 binary files from code guys with LTNFW. File upload stops @ 53% (on either file) and reports “failure to write bin code (040803)” - Sounds like my DVD just turned into a UPW -Useless Paper Weight (and yes I made up the cheesy acronym, well, it could catch on…) Any suggestions? and does anyone know what error 040803 is? My guess is that it means get a new writer. - BIG

Also, I can see the drive, any disc + contents. Just can’t copy off disc.