SOHW 1633S disc tray broken - Lite-on sending refurbished unit!



Somehow the disc tray to my 1633s would no longer close. It just would move an inch and the light would stay on. I only had the units 5 months so Lite-On took it back, told me they don’t bother to fix the models and is now sending me a refurbished unit which I’m not to happy about. :frowning: I think I would rather have bought a new unit and had them fix this one and send it back to me.

Any thoughts on refurbished units? I thought I read somewhere here that Lite-On sent someone a new 1653 as a replacement.


I don’t like refurbished units. You don’t know how much work they have done or what intermittant fault they haven’t found. In saying that, if they don’t repair the drives, how come they have refurbished units :confused:. Maybe that’s a standard line and a new one will turn up anyway :). Have you checked your 12V supply to the drive; try using another power lead in the system…


I’ve already seen the serial # of the new drive to be sent and it’s an older one than the one I sent in (I can tell by the number sequence). The power is not the problem because the drive light was on and the tray was trying to close. I could also see that one side seemed to be off it’s hinge as there was more pull when moving the tray from side to side. The left side seemed to come out more than the right side.

I’ve written various departments at Lite-On expressing my disappointment.
Considering that the manufacturing cost of a new drive is probably less than the cost of refurbishing an old one (depending upon what country it’s refurbished in), I don’t know why a drive can’t be replaced with a new one.

What also concerns me is when they have refurbished drives in stock. The 1633 only came out in late 2004, and already there’s been a 1653, 1673, and a 1693.


My 1213 died under warranty, took it back to the shop and they gave me a new boxed 1653… was happy until i got home and realized it had the same problem (could not read CDs). Took it back yet once again and they didn’t have any other 1653 so he gave me a 1633. Still, i think it was nice :wink:

…and of course i crosflashed it :wink:


1213? When did that model come out, and how long did you have it before you took it back to “the shop”? Most large retailers or on line sites have a 7-14 day return policy.

I still think Lite-On should have told me that they might send back a refurbished unit and not fix my old one. I might have decided to save the $10 shipping and just put it towards an OEM unit for $47 at Newegg.