SOHW 1633S - 80 wire IDE-cable

Hi and Happy New Year to you all,

I recently purchached a LiteOn SOHW 832S, and was very happy with it, but had to send it back to the seller because it had problems with recognising blank cd-r media. It was replaced by a 1633S, because of the fact that the 832S was no longer available in Holland. I installed the drive as secondary master, just as the 832 was installed before, and wasted two dvd’s (the supplied ones) due to what Nero called ‘communcation error’. I found out, reading this forum and the online support from Nero, that the 40 wire IDE cable had to be the problem. It turned out to be right, after replacement with a 80 wire cable the problem was solved. I changed the firmware to BSOR and now to BSOS and makes fine burns now.
The SOHW 1633S obviously needs a 80 wire cable because its UDMA 4 (ATA66?) interface. Could this be the cause of more 1633 problems in this forum?
I like the drive and for now I’m very happy with it. :slight_smile:


I’ve used my 1213S@1633S with a 40-conductor cable for a few months over the summer when my drive was installed in my older computer (one that can’t use 80-conductor). But that was also with a very old firmware (before LiteOn upped the drive to UDMA4).

Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. :slight_smile:

I have my 1633s connected with a 40 wire cable and have burned over 100 DVDs and 200 CDs without error. My Asus motherboard came with a 40 wire IDE cable marked CD and an 80 wire cable marked HD so I used the 40 Wire cable for the 2 burners I have. One master and one slave on the 40 wire cable, no errors so far.

@Code65536: Do I understand you correctly that there are two types of SOHW 1633S, with UDMA2 and UDMA4? My Litey is manufactured in September, stated on the box and the drive itself. As I installed it and rebooted I saw at once that the drive was recognised as ATA66. So that was for me a sign to search in that direction, the connection cable. And with succes. Thank you and all the people who make this site a big success!

@regnim99: They say: if it is not broken, don’t fix it. And may be there are two types of LiteOns 1633, I do’nt know, and is yours UDMA2? My motherboard is a DFI KT600, with VIA chipset, and the HD was already connected with a 80 wire cable, marked just like yours and even without a connection plug for a primary slave drive. The DVDRW and CDrom were connected with a 40 wire cable resp. secondary master and secondary slave. Somewhere in this forum I read that a 40 wire cable was good to UDMA3, and while Nero stopt burning with a “communication error”, just at the point where the actual burning (after lead in) should begin, pointed me in the direction of the cable. Anyway, if it is alright in your case, enjoy it.

Thanks for your replies. Happy burning!


The UDMA4 difference is in the firmware, not hardware, so it’s the firmware date that’s important, not the manufacturing date. :wink:

Just for the heck of it I decided to replace my 40 wire cable with an 80 wire and now my 1633s is reported as UDMA4 where before it was UDMA2. I should have stated before that I burn at 8x because I do not have any 16x media yet, so I just might have headed off any future problems. You know, the 40 wire cable from my Asus mother board IS marked CD-ROM not DVD-ROM, so I guess a 16x DVD burner will benefit from a 80 wire cable. Thanks.

Now I am completely puzzled, if UDMA4 is in the firmware, how can replacement of a cable have the effect of changing UDMA2 to UDMA4? Anyway, I think youre right, Regnim99, that any faster burner benefits from a change of cable.


Quite easy. All of DVD-hardware, DVD-firmware, cable and IDE controller have to support UDMA 4 to get UDMA4.

Sounds logic to me, neighbour. It could be that in my case the 1633 with old cable attached by mistake was recognised as UDMA4, causing Nero to make an attempt to burn as if it was UDMA4. And failed. Still thinking though it’s advisable to change the cable and make it UDMA4, especially at high-speed burning, don’t you think? Make a 80 lane highway between drive and mainboard!


UDMA4 should help to avoid some buffer underuns at high speed.


I was reading the Nero Log again and discovered that the error was called “Communication Failure”, instead of “Communication Error”. My mistake. It does’nt matter that much, but I thought it was better to let you all know.


2004/12/30 Burning drives failed to burn disk after upgrade Windows XP from SP1 to SP2.

Recently, there have been a lot of users who failed to burn disk after upgrade Windows XP from SP1 to SP2, which is due to the upgrade of Windows XP SP2 caused the compatibility problem with the burning software. If the NERO burning software that came with the burner (CD-RW, COMBO, or DVD RW drives), version lower than, please update to the latest version available at NERO official website. For further information, please refer to

I still use Windows ME (because there are no drivers for my Canon laserprinter with XP), and have no troubles with that. My Nero version is, the last of the 6.3 series, wich has proven to be a stable version in my configuration.