SOHW-1633S 2.4x DVD+R burn only

Okay, first off. Nero is acting funky, i had a bit of an older version of nero 6 ultra. when starting nero and selecting dvd-rom, and going to burn tab and selecting burn speed, i was only able to select 4x, so i quit, started nero again, and then i was only given the 2.4x option. quit, rebooted, uninstalled nero, reinstalled nero, then i got 5x or something burn speed, i’m like, WTF is going on here. my drive had firmware verison BS0A, i flashed to BS0G. and updated my nero to and i’m now still only able to select 1x 2x and 2.4x burn speeds. WTF is going on here? i have Ritek Ridata 8x silver discs,I burned a DVD backup of Doom 3 at 2.4x and man it took long time and barely halfway filled the DVD. So i dont wanna do any major burning til i get this figured out.

It gives me the low burn speeds even if no media is inserted. I also disabled Smart-Burn but that didnt change anything.

The drive is pretty much brand new, just got it from newegg along with the media.

DFI NF2 INFINITY motherboard
newest nforce drivers to date
2.3Ghz 2500+ Barton processor
my lite on 1633S is the only PATA drive in my system
2 SATA Seagate 80GB drives in Raid 0
120GB WD PATA drive on SATA converter.
Gainward 6800GT Golden Sample 425/1150

Remove nForce IDE drivers and verify that DMA is enabled for the drive.

i tried all that, and also upgraded to nero 6 ulra and still only 2.4x DVD+R, i can choose up to the 48x CD-R as i should though. gonna try the “C” firmware.

Firmware isn’t the problem here. Open the firmware with OmniPatcher to see if the media code of the discs you’re usning is supported and for what speeds. Posting the media ID of the discs here would help.

To rule out problems with Nero, I’d suggest downloading KProbe2 and posting a dump of KP2’s “Disc Info” report. That information can be very helpful in determining where the problem is…

here’s driveinfo.

Nookie420, can you check “DriveInfo” (KProbe) once more, bacause there are some serious problem with your subsystem.
Drive burstrate is only 3,77MB/s, (which is only sufficient for 2.4x burning).

Check once more you “really” are on UDMA. Also check the version of your IDE drivers.

yes i’m really on udma, and ide drivers version 2.6(5.10.2600.446) and they are HCL certified.

driveinfo says anywhere from 3.77 to 4MB/s when i query. i’m at a loss here. i cant find anything set incorrectly. couldn’t it be possible that its a faulty drive?

just to make sure of something i tested my wd120GB 8mb cache drive on IDE and got 92MB/S Burst speed and a 41.7MB/S average, which is right on par with what it should be, a tad slower than my 160GB Raid 0 array :wink:

also fyi, i’m using of course 80 conductor rounded shielded Ultra ATA cables.

Dual post… :frowning: when editing typo…

If you still have the same problem, try this;

  • Use a FLAT 80 or 40 conductor IDE-cable.

  • Remove all nVidia IDE drivers and install M$ XP default (search forum for guide)

  • Move the drive to an other position on your computer ie. IDE2 > pri > sec a.v.v.

  • Put your drive in an other compu and test if its working okay there.


2.6 drivers from nvidia are the route of your problems for sure for recording…I went back to 2.5 and all was fine!

Or better still, roll back to the MS IDE drivers.

WFM, just make sure to select the mode instead of having it auto detect. :slight_smile: