SOHW-1633@1653 Problem reading DL disks


I have one SOHW-1663 cross flashed to 1653 with CS0P firmware.
Burning and reading DVDs is working ok but I when I burned a DVD+R DL disk the drive refuse to read the disk.

I put the disk on my dvd player and is working ok, even on my Plextor 708A with the latest firmware it is ok.

Does anyone know what is the problem ?


not a verbatim dl disk i bet, ritek crap it sounds like, that would be the problem

It seems you have right, the media code is Ritek D01.
It is funny because is working on my two desktop players but not in the drive that is burned.


liteons are very picky with media. if you put crap media in, they will put crap quality out.