SOHW-1633@1653 (or other 1633 flashed) media incompatibilities

I’m goin to start to work on this, to list bad burns etc by finding them all over the forum… I hope people can discuss solutions or trouble shoot. This might prevent others from screwing up discs.

So far problem I have had 3 coasters, I think memorex CMC MAG E01 and possibly all CMC MAG E01 cannot burn at 8x with 1633s.

Burner: 1633@1653 CS0M and CS0P
Burn Speed: 8x

However successful at 4x.

that media with prodisc r03 strat works great at 6x and pretty good at 8x, way better then cmc strat :slight_smile:

i found that out the hard way, gave my 70+ cmceo1’s away, worthless

Don’t quite get what you mean, I should use the media, CMC mag e01 with prodics r03 strat? it works?

or you mean cmc e01 are worthless? or giving them away was worthless =/?

i gave them to my grandma with a standalone liteon dvd recoreder, they seem ok in that

the only way i got a decent burn on cmc e01’s was with the prodisc r03 strat at 6x, 8x with the prodisc strat was semi good