SOHW-1613S write speed problem

I just brought my liteon drive and it seen to work well,
however, I found the drive impossible to change the write speed to lower one, like 2X or 1x. 4x is the only one speed I can choose.

I have try nero/ alcohol 120%, DVD decrypter (can choose 2x but still burn as 4x :eek: )
I am using sky DVD+R (4x) disc

will someone help me… :bow:

Why do you want to go slower?

Some of my DVD readers is old model and I hope that buring slower will make it easiler to read :bigsmile:

If the media is not suitable for slow-speed burning, burning it slowly will actually produce worse results.

@ coverboy welcome :slight_smile: You may want to get Kprobe 2.4.2 and do a BLER scan at 4x speed to see the quality of the burn. Read Interpreting PI/PO error scans to…um…interpret the results (PI/PO is now PI/PIF) or look around the forum a bit to see scans posted and the comments that go with the scans. Post a scan if you need some help.