SOHW-1213s unrecoverably dead?



I have a computer that came with a SOHW-1213S drive; I bought it used from a friend who was moving several states away and didn’t want to move it. Got it for a great price and while it’s not the best machine in the world, it’s been great for burning with my NEC-2500. I’d then scan the DVD with this Lite-on drive before erasing the source files to make sure I got a good burn. All was working well until a few days ago when Windoze 2000 reported that both my DVD drives had been disconnected with the ‘unsafe removal of hardware’ message (like one receives when pulling a flash drive without using the green icon in the taskbar). I didn’t know what to make of this, but sure enough - neither drive had power!

I pulled the side of the case off and looked around. I moved one of the power wires and saw the lights on both drives flicker on, then go dead again. I powered the machine down and started unplugging things and found a molex connector on one of the fans had a malformed pin in it. I bypassed this completely and ran power directly from the power supply to each drive, then started back up. I figured I’d just buy a few new fans to replace all of them in the case, but when I went to scan a DVD with kProbe, I was told there was no medium in the drive. I checked and everything works fine, except that the drive refuses to see that there’s a disk in the drive!

I’ve already tried flashing the drive again using the same 1613s firmware that I flashed it with when I first got it and the latest firmware I found on the internet, but the same behavior it present. Any ideas as to how I might bring it back or should I just swear at it, punch it a bunch of times to take out frustration (ala Office Space), and toss it in the trash? :sad: