SOHW-1213S + OPTODISC008 help



Hi guys,

I have a SOHW-1213S flashed with TS0D firmware and I have the firmware run through omnipatcher… I have the OPTODISCR008 media and it only burns at 4x. The only media i see in the TS0D firmware is the OPTODISCR004. Is there anyway i can add the 008 to TS0D and burn the media at 8x or even 12x?

Yesterday I tried to flash my 1213S with 1653S.CS02.patched-cf.exe and 1633S.BS41.patched-cf.exe and both included the OPTODISCR008 media. Neither flash would burn any media at all…It would start up the burn using dvddecrypter then give me an i/o error. I also reset my eeprom for new media which didnt help.

anyways any help in getting these optodiscs burning faster would be appreciated…

thank you…


Why don’t you try a strat swap to TY02 anyway?