SOHW-1213s booktype/bitsetting in Win 98se

Having a small problem with my lite-on drive. Cant seem to set the booktype anymore to -rom with Lite-On’s booktype utilities once I updated firmware to TS0J from TS0C, using either v1.0.6(which worked with TS0C) or new version 1.3.5. Im using windows 98se with this drive so I dont know if thats a problem or not. The only reason I wanted to update firmware was to be able to burn some newer media at 4x instead of the 2.4x speed, and some of the discs I burned at 2.4x in rom booktype seemed to be incompatible with some of the drives I tried to read the discs with. I dont think TS0C supported the discs, but I think TS0D does, if im matching disc id right >Disc MID=43 4D 43 20 4D 41 47 00 (CMC MAG.) Disc TID= 4D 30 31 (M01) Manufacturer Maybe= CMC Magnetics Corp.<(TDK brand 16x DVD+R’s) What id like to do is be able to just drop a +R disc in and have it always default to burn in -ROM booktype, Ive tried using omnipatcher to alter a TS0J firmware to be able to do this but neither of the versions of the booktype utility I have say they change the booktype with stock or altered TS0J firmwares.

Couple sidenotes too, which arent crucial but I like the idea of using a later gen 3s firmware to become dual layer disc capable, would this be possible in win98se? Also the drive stopped be able to read cd-r/rom discs quite awhile ago, even tho ive burned many dvd+r’s in rom booktype since with no trouble or compatibility issues. I think it started when I tried to read a cd-rw that a friend wrote in what we found out to be a bad laptop cd drive. Still seems that it doesnt want to read discs even after a firmware update. This isnt crucial because I rarely use cd’s anymore and have plenty of burners for those.

Appreciate the help and sorry if this information was easily available but I couldnt seem to find it after alot of searching and I dont want to keep flashing the drive and risk ruining it since its been a reliable -rom booktype dvd burner until now.

I think you will benefit from flashing your drive to the latest firmware for the 1653, CS0T. It supports newer media, burns double layer media, and remembers the booktype setting. Win98SE should be no problem IMO, I used it under WinME a long time before a crash forced me to install XP. I’m afraid the cd-part of your drive died, but if you can live with that, give your drive a second life. Don’t expect very high speeds, it should work fine with speeds up to 8x (if you’re lucky maybe 12x with good media).
Use this patched file to crossflash your drive:

:iagree: Leo

Thanks for the advice, flashed the drive with the new firmware and can actually use the booktype settings again to burn dvd-rom. Works great! Thanks again.

You’re welcome. It’s nice to hear the advise did work out fine. Enjoy your 1213@1653!

:cool: Leo