When I insert a blank CD-R disk and then click on the drive in explorer I get an ‘Invalid Function’ message.
I am using windows XP

@ mgmaniac
Welcome :). You will need to post more info. See F.A.Q. for LiteOn Optical Drives .

This is normal. The drive doesn’t know what you want to do when you ask it to read the contents of a blank disc.

Get some burning software like Nero Burning ROM or try to figure out how to use Windows XP’s internal burning engine to make CD’s.

I’m also using a liteon drive (sowh 1213s) but I’m getting the “invalid function” message when I insert a dvd or dvd+/-rw that has data on it. The drive will read cds/cdrs somewhat fine. This problem is intermittent and can sometimes be resolved with a reboot, but sometimes not. It’s quite annoying and I’m not sure what the problem is… I’ve flashed it with the latest firmware and I’m using the latest version of nero (as of yesterday). Any suggestions?