SOHR-5238S v/s Sony CRX-230E



I am going for a new CD-Writer. LTR-52327S is no longer available at my place (Mumbai, India). SOHR-5238S is available. Should I go for the SOHR-5238S or instead buy a Sony CRX-230E and use modified 52327S firmwares on it.

I am looking for mainly following abilities:
1.) good error correction (ability to read scratched disks)
2.) reading/reproducing copy protection
3.) overburning (at lease 800MB if not 900MB)

Speed is not much of an issue. I had LTR-32123S (which conked off) and I was happy with it.


I just found out that I have no guarantee of getting CRX230E. One vendor I talked to sells CRX230A (white color model) and CRX230EB1 (black color). Does anyone know what are the variations in the CRX230 series. Will the modified 230E firmwares also work on these models.


IIRC (don’t hold me to this), there’s a version of the 230 that’s the 52327S and a version that’s the 5238S. Can’t remember which is which…


Sony CD-RW CRX230E = LTR-53327S (v1)
Sony CD-RW CRX230ED = SOHR-5238S
SONY CD-RW CRX230E5 = Something like an Acer/Benq or Mitsumi maybe. Very uncommon model.

The first two are both good drives, take whichever you can get. I don’t know anything about the E5 model.