Sohr 5238s / Sohr 5239v

What is the difference between the SOHR 5238S and SOHR 5239V ?
Can i upgrade a 5238 to a 5239 ?

hardware may be the only difference. you can’t crossflash.

Thank You !!!

New chipset. Different laser. Since the performance of the two drives is the same, there’s no reason to want a crossflash…

according to Lite-On’s website, the 5238S has 2MB buffer, the 5239V has 1.5 MB (Max).

what does Max mean ?

they should both have 2mb buffer max(=maximum).

It is stated 1.5MB on the Sony CRX230AE (crx230ee) box.

I would assume the new 5239 drives have a smaller buffer?


Some drives use the buffer for the FW, so you have: 2MB - 512KB= 1,5MB buffer

BTW, I don´t see a reason for crossflash a 5238 to 5239? Both are 52x32x52

I just purchased a 5239V to replace my 5238 that had failed.

It seems to be performing just as well, but one thing I’m liking about it is that the mechanism (door) and motor seem to be MUCH quieter.

Obviously it is more quite during the disc tray movement: the latest 5239S/V uses a belt mechanism instead of a Gear-Driven tray disc-loading Mechanism that in my opinion was much better.
I never exchange my old 52246S for the new one. I think liteon stopped to make good CDRW drives with the 52327S