SOHD-167T Readspeed



Hi guys,
I have a SOHD-167T with a firmware 9s19. And I used it to read the game “Medieval: Total War.” I know the game is Safe-disc protected. I tried to make an image file with Alcohol. When reading, it was extremely slow. It took a few seconds to skip a single read-error. As a result, it only finished 1% in 25 minutes. Is there anything I can do to change that? Thanks in advance. By the way, I used my other rom, a LDW-401s, to the job. It only took less than 10 minutes to get a perfect(playable) image.


I have used DVD DeCrypter to read very scratched DVD’s. Set the read errors to 0 and “SKIP”. When DeCrypter sees a read error, it takes 10 seconds to continue. Much faster than the 25 minutes you are getting.