Sohd-167t Dvd Reading/ripping. Help!

I have tried numerous times to backup DVDs using programs such as DVDXCOPY and DVD CLONER II, ect. Everytime, my SOHD-167T (DVD-ROM) cannot read the pressed DVD in order to perform the rip. The drive performs all other tasks with no problems… just doesn’t like to rip. I have a NEC-3500 burner, and this drive will rip any pressed DVD with any program I’ve tried. Why am I having no luck with the lite-on?

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

Ok… So I’ve reset the RCP (region code) and now it will rip DVDS! Anyone else come across this? Anyone know of a reliable way to test how fast your drive is reading?

Thanks Again…

The drive will read as fast as the media allows it !!! of course in the limit of 16X