Is there a speed hacked firmware for this drive? Just picked it up at Wals-Mart for $39.99.


could you please, dump the fw and sent it to me ?


i think you mean the SOHC - 5236K. there isn’t, but the codeguys will surely make one :slight_smile:

you can download RK05 here:


I’ve got the latest firmware, just wondering if it has been speed hacked yet?


Yep, 5236K, sorry about my crappy typing…LOL


Didn’t know that this drive actually exists as something more than a string of bytes on their website.

Okay, this is crazy… the 5235K’s barely been out for half a year, and it’s already replaced by the 6K? How many 5K units did they sell before abandoning it? And does anybody have any idea what the difference between the 2K, 5K, and 6K drives are (except for the fact that you shouldn’t try interchanging their firmwares) ('cuz I don’t…).


Patched RK05


SOHC-5236S is a replacement for SOHC-5235K and has been in South Korea since March this year. It’s cheaper than SOHC-5235K here (largely due to the fact back-imported LG GCC-4521 costs $5 less.)

SOHR-5239V (CD writers) appeared in May while SOHR-5239S has been since March.


what’s the difference between 5238s, 5239s and 5239v?

i don’t think that there has changed anything important since the 52327s.


Sorry, never bought a Lite-On CD writer since their 16x drives. :slight_smile: (I’ve been a DVD (re)writable enthusiast since before I bought a 4x CD writer.) All I know is that they are all 52x CD-R and 32x CD-RW writers. :slight_smile:


To answer the question, according to LiteOn’s web site, the 5232 and 5235 each have a 2mb buffer but use different anti-vibration systems, while the 5236 has only a 1.5mb buffer.


RK07 has been officially released by LiteOn: link

A patched version has been posted: link


Dumb question. I have upgraded my new drive to RK07. Why would I want the “patched” version? What does this do for my drive?



ok total “newbie” here, I’m considering getting this combo drive(retail version),what’s the difference between retail and bulk versions? is it worth getting? any problems, I’ve read some comments about noise problems? and what’s all this about latest firmware and patches, what do they do and do I need any of them? thanks


Difference? Retails comes with accessories like software, an audio cable, and screws. Bulk is just the drive itself (sometimes you might get a software CD too, but that’s not gauranteed).

Worth getting? It’s a fine drive and will do what it is meant to do. But with DVD-writer prices so low, the price difference between combos and DVD-writers just aren’t that big. So combo drives in general are falling in popularity as people opt to spend a few more dollars to get a DVD-writer instead.

Noise? The 6K greatly improves on noise over previous models. But keep in mind that at max speed, you’re spinning a disc at 10000 RPM, and there’s going to be noise that is unavoidable with ANY high-speed drive.

Firmware? It just means that you can make the drive rip DVDs faster. If you want to use the drive as a DVD-ripper, then this could improve your rip times. And you can make the drive region-free. That’s all.


hey thanks for the info here, basically I’m replacing my CD-R drive in my “low level” computer, so a combo drive suits my needs since I also have a “high level” computer with 2 Plextor optical drives already,
sounds like the SOHC-5236K(retail version) is the way to go here, since this drive is just DVD-ROM and not a DVD burner, do I still need any firmware updated? thanks again


No, it’s not vital because combos are a mature technology, so there’s not much to be improved on. It’s still a good idea in general to have the latest firmware, but it is by no means as important with combos. If you want to use the computer as a high-speed DVD ripper, you’ll want to consider a patched firmware, but since this is a low-level machine, I doubt that you’ll be using it for that. So yea, you can use it straight out of the box if you don’t want to mess with firmware and other stuff like that. :slight_smile:


so to be a bother again :slight_smile:
but what is the latest firmware and where can I download it(links)? thanks




thanks for your help here, decided I will get this drive after all :iagree: