SOHC-5236K vs. 5236V & Speed patch question

Hi all,

What, if anything, is different when comparing the SOHC-5236K vs. the SOHC-5236V?

Also, I’ve read about a “speed patch” for the SOHC-5236K, but the drive seems pretty speedy to me. What would this patch modify?


the speed patch which you get via running it through omnipatcher 2.40 will give you options to increase reading speeds of DVD Media, well worth using it, and firmwares to run through omnipatcher can be found at codeguys site

Thanks. I found this thread, which offers a lot of good info:

First question: Can I damage my drive by using this hacked firmware? Can I ever apply “normal” Lite-On firmware updates in the future, after using the hacked kind?

Second question: When I run OmniPatcher with the RK07 patched firmware loaded, I see a tab called “General Patches” that allows me to set DVD read speeds. How do I know what the maximum supported read speeds on my drive are? For example, it tells me that the “DVD+/-R” speed is set to “8x” right now, but the dropdown list value goes up to 16x. Does that mean my drive can read at 16x, or that the dropdown list just happens to go that high (does that make sense)?


as with all non official firmwares, use at your own risk, but the liteon one’s are safe to use and will not affect you updating to official liteon releases in the future.

The Read speeds enable your drive to be faster, the drive can cope with the speeds, its upto you what speeds to apply though