SOHC-5235K Cannot Read Disk

I very recently replaced an old friend, a Matsushita CW-7502B, with a new Lite-On SOHC-5235K Combo CDR/RW. The old CW was a SCSI unit and very reliable, albeit slow, for many years. I’ve installed the Lite-On unit and although it is recognized by XP, it cannot read a CD, whether pre-recorded or not. Obviously, I haven’t been able to enjoy its much higher burn speeds.

I’m at my wit’s end. I’m beginning to suspect that I’ve received a bad unit, but dread acquiring a RMA, and shipping it back, and waiting only to find that it’s something I’ve done or a system vs. drive problem. In fact I erased my existing recording software and attempted to install the software provided (Nero Xpress) but it returned a message that the “exe” was corrupt.

Please help. Any input would be very appreciated. :slight_smile:


Hi, does anyone have any advice?

well you can try a new ide cable
and in device manager delete the drive … and let wizard install a new one…
also if your aspi has been changed with nvidia drivers… might conflict
find apsi 4.61 install those(think its called forceaspi4.61)

make sure your bios is up to date on the computer and the firmware is up too date on the drive…
if it still doesnt work i would try a friends computer…
and if it still doesnt work i would RMA it

i have the same drive and its excellent

I’m going to try an 80-pin connector. The drive’s firmware is up to date, no idea on my bios. Not even sure what motherboard I’m using. Any way of telling? Boot is so fast it’s hard to tell.

Any idea where I can find forceaspi4.61? I think the drivers are standard Microsoft though.

Thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

You can find ASPI layer 4.60 here. Run the KILLASPI batch file, reboot, run the INSTASPI batch file, reboot, and you can use Infotool here to check for all the drive’s information as well as ASPI.

For your motherboard information, use CPU-Z here.


Thanks. Will d/l tonight and try tomorrow. Time for bed.