Sohc - 5232k

Anyone know about whether the combo drive, Liteon SOHC - 5232K can…

  1. Backup game protections such as SD3.1+ and SecuRom as well as the non-combo 52327s?

  2. Can read DVD +/- R(W) and DVD-RAM?

  3. Read CDR ATIP? ie can this drive be used to play backed up games without having to use software to hide the ATIP? If so, what is the best software for this?

  4. How does the DVD reading compare to the 166?



Originally posted by telthenipper

Check the specs for the LTC-48161H in the reviews. Chances are, the 52x combo will do the exact same things as the 48x combo, only faster… (see drive features for what disc types it reads, see advance tests for copy protection, and yes, it reads ATIP–check out daemon tools regarding that)

I do not have the drive but this is what I’ve read/think:

1: Unsure, but probably up to SD 2.9 at least.

2: Not DVD-RAM

3: Yes it supports writing CD-R discs and will thus read the ATIP = use the original disc or use an ATIP hider for the backup disc. CloneCD tray along with others supports the hide ATIP option.

4: Probably about the same. ( 8x max DVDR/RW reading).