First post… I’ve looked around, and it seems that my problem is unique.
I just upgraded from my liteon 48x combo drive.
This new drive is not able to read any DVD-r or +r. The same disks play fine everywhere else, including the old liteon. I’ve even swapped out drives, and the same new liteon won’t play. I’ve already set up an RMA, and figure I got a lemon, and will try again. Has anyone else gotten this problem with this drive?

By not read, I mean that it spins up, flashes for about 30 seconds, and doesn’t recognise the disk… I’ve only been able to get 2 dvd’s to read. I’ve used about 5-6 brands of + & - of different speeds, and this new drive don’t like any of them. I’ve already doublechecked, and I’m already using the newest firmware. (dated oct. 04).

Any suggestions?

Hi there,

Yea, that sounds like a lemon to me…