SOHC 5232K requesting R9 Dual!

Ok, this is going to sound very strange, but here goes. I just got a Lite-On SOHC 5232K combo drive. Belarc advisor picks it up as a 5232K, Nero, Roxio, Windows Media Player, PowerDVD, they all show it to be a 5232K combo drive. The drive plays DVD’s fine, the drive burns CD’s fine, but when I go to burn a DVD (size does not matter, I’ve tried 400 meg, and I’ve tried absolute capacity, and even a happy medium from there), it rejects the DVD-R, and says I need a Dual Layer R9 disc. Now, I know what you’re thinking, I have an SOHW…but, the question then remains to be, why does every program pick it up as a SOHC 5232K? I’m running Win XP Pro SP2, 2.8c P4 processor, 1024m ram, 865PERL Motherboard, Nvidia FX 5200 Graphics Card, Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS sound card, I have an old Sony CD-RW also running. I’ve tried firmware upgrade for the drive, I’ve emailed both Lite-On and Nero (haven’t received a response yet). I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Nero and Roxio many times all with the same result. What I haven’t done, is gone out and gotten dual layer dvd’s, but that’ll be my next step. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


It doesn’t burn DVD’s, only reads them.
The drive specs are listed HERE .

Eh? The 5232K is NOT a DVD burner. That’s the problem! It can only WRITE to CDR/RW discs and READ DVD+/-R/RW discs.
To write DVDs, you will need a special drive called a DVD burner. Lite-On’s offerings here are the 812S, 832S, 1213S, 1633S and 1653S.

Yeesh, I feel like an idiot, must’ve looked for hours online last night. Thanks guys. I’ll try to do a little more research before bugging you again.