SOHC-5232K reads no DVD+RW



I’ve got the new DVD-Combo SOHC-5232K and the first I’ve done was a firmware-upgrade.
No I want to read a DVD+RW in this drive but the drive will not accept this medium.
I don’t no whether the old firmware could read the DVD+RW. I don’t find the old firmware on the net.
Can anybody tell me whether his drive can read DVD+RW.

I’ve tried 10 different brands (like Memorex, Verbatim, Fuji and others).
I tested this DVD+RWs on other computers with no problems.
Also no problems on standalone DVD-Players.


I have a SOHC 5232K firmware NK02 which it came with and no probs over here with reading dvd+rw. They were made with a sony dru510 and a pioneer dvr 106d
btw i talking about nashua dvd+rw disks


I would like to try an older firmware but I can not find it.

Do anybody know where I can get it?


I doubt it’s a firmware problem. It’s more likely a problem with the DVD+RW disc.

You can try looking for it here though.


Did you solve the problem? Does it read RW’s now?


I’ve just purchased a SHOC-5232K and I have a backed up copy of firmware version NK06 if you want it, it is a bin file of course.
Mine reads all discs fine cd/cdr/cdrw/dvd-rom/dvd-r/dvd+r/dvd-rw/dvd+rw, I have no problems with this bady so far.:smiley: :smiley:

or you could download it from here