SOHC-5232K LED Color Question

Is it weird, or normal ? My SOHC-5232K LED lits orange! not red, while burning anything using Nero Of course i tried older versions of nero, burns are OK.

This situation happens when i write both, data or audio CD.
Of course this is not related to bufer underrun’s cause writing time is OK, pc is also OK.

Firmware NK06… on NK02 situation is still the same.

Is this normal ? :slight_smile:

I always thought that orange color is used when smartburn is activated…

On my LTC-48161H, red = buffer underrun, orange = normal burning… on my LDW-451S@851S, red = normal burning, orange = buffer underrun. Confusing, eh? :wink: LiteOn likes playing with its colors. As long as it’s burning okay, don’t worry about it.

just to clarify when you burn with older nero the led is red while burning?

if so then yes there might be an issue. out of curiousity is the speed any different with the different versions?

Ther once was an issue with 7S drives in Nero where the light went nuts while burning CD-Text on an audio disc.

rdgrimes: Yup, i know that :wink: sometime ago i was asking about 7S orange led while burning cd-text audio discs.

to clarify the situation
no matter what kind of media&speed i use, no matter what software i use (even winxp built in recording ability), and no matter if i burn audio or data discs, while normal burning ALWAYS orange led lits…

i tried to froze burning to see what color the led lit when smartburn works… and zonk happens. RED :]

someones at liteon just swapped means of orange and red color :slight_smile:

The new 8S burners will have nothing but a plain boring green light that blinks at you once in a while. :sad: