SOHC-5232K (DVD combo) write quality

What is the write quality of the SOHC-5232K (DVD combo drive)compared to the 52327s?

As far as I have read on these forums, the main downside to the SOHC-5232K is that it may not give the most accurate K-probe readings.

Is that the only downside?

From what I have seen, the 5232K is just a good a ripper/burner that the 52327S is, with the advantage of being able to rip dvd’s too.

The seek times with the combi are slower mind, but that doesnt really matter in my opinion

The dilema now is…

to buy a LiteOn SOHC-5232K for AUD$73 or
a LiteOn SOHW-812S for AUD$158 or
wait for dual layer burners

for my CDR and DVDR needs. I already have a Pioneer 106D but it is only 4X DVDR, which is a bit slow.

If you want faster DVD writing, get the SOHW-812S, which will also be capable of ripping more or less anything, and burning CD’s fine too :slight_smile:

SOHC-5232K if you are fine with your DVD writing speed and want a really good ripper and cd burner

The 812S isn’t as good a ripper as the 5232K, but from what I’ve heared, it isnt far off.

Me though, I am getting both of them :slight_smile: