SOHC-5232K - Anyone doing firmware hacking with this?

I’m just wondering if anyone might be working on a hacked firmware for this drive, to increase the read speeds?

It’s a bloody great drive, and the only issue I have with it is the read speeds.

After seeing these hacked 166 & 165 firmwares, I thought I’d ask, since it would be nice…

I’ll take a look if nobody else has planned anything for it. I just finished the 48161H patch a few days ago, and I’d imagine that the 52x combo would be more similar to the 48x combo than it would be to the -ROM drives.

Originally posted by code65536
I’ll take a look if nobody else has planned anything for it.

code65536, I´m sure you are the right man for this kind´a work on this board…

And you don´t need to ask anybody; “may I”. Just do it if YOU feel right! :wink:

SOHC-5232K Read-Speed Patched Firmware

Patcher: Code65536
Release date: 30 April 2004
Revision date: 11 July 2004 (updated to NK0A)

# Disclaimer:
I am in no way associated with LiteOn, and this patched firmware is in no way
associated with or supported by LiteOn.  Loading this patched firmware will
technically void your warranty.  I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything that may
result from the use or misuse of this patched firmware.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

# Changes between this and the official firmware:
1) +RW/-RW discs will be read at 12x/14x/16x CAV (originally 8x CAV)
2) +R/-R discs will be read at 12x/14x/16x CAV (originally 8x CAV)
3) +R DL (recordable double-layer) discs will be read at 8x (originally 4x)

# Installation:
Simply run the flasher to load the firmware onto your SOHC-5232K.

# Notes:
1) There are THREE versions of this patched firmware!  One to increase the
   reading speed of burnt media to 12x, one to increase it to 14x, and one to
   increase it to the full 16x.  Use the one what works best for you, your
   drive, and your media.  Note that with faster reading speeds, it's possible
   that your drive will encounter reading problems towards the end of the disc,
   which is why it may not always be desirable to read at the full 16x.

# Acknowledgements:
1) A word of thanks to C0deKing and The Dangerous Brothers for their support
   and help in general.

This patched firmware is based on the official NK0A firmware from LiteOn.

If you have any questions or comments about this patched firmware, or if you would like to share your experiences and results using this patched firmware, please feel free to post in this thread.

<HR>Download from:<HR>

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I suppose I could test it, see how it goes…



Testing a DVD-ROM, Start = 5.90, End = 14.00, Ave = 10.37

Was one I burnt, Ritek R03 DVD+R Bitset to DVD-ROM.

No probs code just downloaded, will install and give you an update ASAP

Code this doesn’t look to good DVD-R, I will try another to be sure

Diff disc much the same result

Here is a better quality -R, the other 2 were print tops, I wonder if the extra weight makes a difference? This disc isn’t full but looks alot better.

edit: I just realised this 1 runs out of data where the other 2 started to play up, I will see if I can find a full quality -R in the morning and post some new scans including -RW, +RW, +R

Thank you for the tests…

Could someone verify the +RW/-RW speeds?

Also, could someone verify that a single-layer pressed -ROM disc is still reading at 16x CAV? Thank you for your testing…


Question: Is it my drive that doesn’t like the higher speeds or is it meant to behave like it is. I never speed tested it with standard fimware to see what it was like before the mod.

Anyway here is a +R and I’m in the process of creating a +RW for testing.


It is most likely a function of the quality of the disc. OC-Freak, when testing burn quality, likes to get the disc to read at the full 16x, and then if the drive thrashes at the end, then he knows that the burn didn’t come out as well.

Take a look at the thread for the 48161H (the 48x combo) (see my sig) and see the scans that I posted. My +R burns turned out very nicely, and they read well at 14x CAV. My -R burns didn’t go as well mostly because my -R media isn’t great and my drive doesn’t burn -R as well as +R, so you can see the thrashing effect towards the end.

In the original firmware, if you read that disc, it won’t go crazy at the end like it did for you, but then again, at the end, it’ll be reading at a max of only 8x.

Using this patched firmware is really your decision. If you want higher reading speeds (8x CAV is pretty slow), it will come at the price of possibly thrashing at the end of the disc. If your media and burns are good, then it’s easy to pick the higher speed. If your media & burns are not as good, then you’ll have to make a decision regarding using the higher speed or using a lower speed.

If you look in the 166S readspeed thread, you’ll see something similar… where some discs read smoothly while some go crazy towards the end. It’s a function of burn quality…

Any long-time (yeah, in this techworld over 1 month is long :)) experience with the patched NK07 firmware yet?

Just got my SOHC-5232K drive, and it has NK06 as default. Seems like LiteOn has pulled back NK07, the link to it from their fw site is removed. Anyone knows why?

Is it possible to flash back to the original NK06 on this drive after using the patched fw?

Nobody has reported any problems yet. :wink:

But good eye with spotting the removal of NK07’s link from their website! This is the first I’ve noticed that, and I don’t know why they did that. (I do have a guess as to why, but that’s only a guess)… hmm… something to look into.

Unfortunately, I do not have a 5232K, so I’m limited in what I can do…

I have a sohc-5232k and I would like to know what your guess is code65536. :wink:

I have code65536 NK07 firmware on my drive and it working ok, it does seem to have a bit of trouble reading some scratched cd’s. I can put the same disc in my ldw-411s and it will read it just fine, but that said it works ok. :bigsmile:

I now have some information (thanks, dhc014 ;)) that supports my guess (it’s still a guess, but at least it has a bit of support now). LiteOn is doing to the SOHC-5232K what it did to the LTR-52327S in that it’s now making drives with and without physical EEPROMs (this part is not a guess).

My guess is that this is the reason why NK07 was pulled and that their next firmware updater will be like the 52327S updater and contain two different firmwares in one package: one for drives with EEPROMs, and one for drives without.

What benefit/annoyance does having or not having physical EEPROM?
(sorry, I am not that into this stuff ;))

Also, is it possible by using the FlashFix utility or the ‘Firmware Flashing Tool’ to return to the factory NK06? I did a backup with the later of those.


Also, is it possible by using the FlashFix utility or the ‘Firmware Flashing Tool’ to return to the factory NK06? I did a backup with the later of those.

If you’re using a copy that you backed up from your drive, then yes, you should be able to return to NK06 safely without any problems. Use the “Firmware Flashing Tool”

And check “update bootcode”!

nods It’s a good habit to get into. :slight_smile:

But if your drive started out with NK06, then your drive should have a physical EEPROM, so it shouldn’t really affect you either way. (And for other people reading this thread, if your drive started out with NK07, then you should not be flashing to NK06 in the first place.)