SOHC 4832K only reads data and audio


I have searched and have found similar problems to mine but the opposite of what I am getting.

I can load up games, music cds, already burnt cds no problems with this device. However DVD’s and Blank CD’s can no longer be read. Has been working fine for 2+ years now and all of a sudden can’t watch DVDs or burn any longer. I have taken the drive completely apart and have cleaned the laser with an alcohol q-tip and still, nothing.

Should I just buy a new burner and call it a day? As stated I have read folks posting with very similar issues with this product but never any resolve. Not a firmware issue, I have tried and rolled those changes back and the ASPI drivers show and are fine. Just no DVD or Blank CD’s. Thanks for any help that can be offered. I am leaning towards just buying a new one but I would of course first like to try and get this one working again.

Kind regards.

Blank cds never can be read, only recognized…

Clean the drive. If it doesn’t help, the dvd part is dead.

Thank you for you reply. Yes, recognized is the correct term for what it not happening. Though last night after constand ejecting and re-inserting I did get a DVD to be read. I got excited and popped in a blank CD and that too got recognized. So I used Nero to burn a few files to that blank but be darned that during the phase when the CD is ejected and re-inserted to verify the data it failed. So it appears it is not completely dead, just hibernating :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice. I guess I will open it up again and try and clean it some more. Are there more than one laser in this combo? Maybe I cleaned the wrong one…

You may want to try to boot with a cd or dvd…