SOHC-4832k combo drive-what is it?

I just pulled one of these from an emachine,and cant find anything about it on liteon’s site.
For the hell of it i loaded the newest 5232K firmware and its working :slight_smile: ,but the question is,is it a 5232 or a 4832?
ive heard of 4816 but not 4832.

It’s an OEM version of the 5232K. Some OEM customers thought that 52x was too fast (noise plus risk of exploding disc) and requested that LiteOn provide them with a more sane 48x version. The 5232K and 4832K are identical in terms of hardware.

If you still have your 4832K firmware, please send it to dhc014. It’s a novelty worth having. :wink:

Thanks man! I appreciate the response. But i didnt save the old firmware,sorry. I never do,some day i’ll regret it im sure. :slight_smile:

I have a new Compaq computer (SR1110NX) and it came with a Lite-On SOHC 4832K (OPK3) CD-Writer drive. It’s not available on the website. Is it true that it’s really a 5232k? It’s actually FASTER then what it tells me is?

If this is true, where can I get the firmware or driver updates to change the speeds of my drive? Also I am experiencing slow lead-ins when burning a CD, anyone know the cause of that?

Thanks for all the help!

No one has the firmware? my current is OPK3…i need info read above. THANKS! :slight_smile:

1/ Make a backup of your firmware in case you want to revert (no need to send it to anyone because we already have a copy of OPK3). Use LtnFW for this.

2/ Download the latest 5232K firmware. FlashFix and flash.

See the tools sticky for both FlashFix and LtnFW…

unfortunately i flashed my drive to 5232 but without backup the old firmware. now i have the problem that burning is ok, but at reading i get a lot of read errors (exploding drive…).
Anyone has seen the original 48x firmware or can help ?

H/W:02.01 F/W:OQK5

Maybe the Sony CRX320E firmware with the downshift to 40x (turbo mode 52x by holding eject for 5s), might be useful

Did the turbo/deturbo mode survive the +/-R speedpatch?

I have another 52x Sony (CD-ROM), and it reads a lot better in deturbo - I was itching to hack it to 52x Liteon, but after comparing the turbo results, any gain in speed is thrown away in retries at the high speed end.

sorry for the late reply. I flashed to Sony CRX320x, but the results are nearly the same. At the moment I think there is a hardware damage of the drive, that there are so many read problems. Writing is normally workin…
I keep on testin and will inform you :confused:

My Lite-on combo SOHC-4832k CD-RW/DVD ROM will not recognise cd or dvd disc. I took it from HP PC and placed it in my PC, it read a cd for a couple of minutes and then stopped responding. I have not been able to make it read another disk since. Is it that I need a driver or firmware to make it work. The drive is recognised in the Devise Manager and it says that it is working fine. I need some serious help.

a firmware update will not help solving read problems. maybe the laser is dying or already dead. or there’s just dust in the drive.

It is most likely not firmware related. Did it used to work before? If so, then it’s definitely not firmware related.

It sounds like that your drive has become physically damaged somehow (or it might just be a dust problem; sometimes lens cleaning might help).

I just made a backup of my SOHC-4832K OTK1 firmware with LtnFW. If anyone needs it, just let me know. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hello, i’m interested by your backup, please send me it at this email :

Thank you


I Bought A New Lite-on Sohc-4832k Cd/dvd Combo. When I Bought It, It Said Its A Dvd R / Rw Combo But It Doesnt See The Dvd Burner. I Can Put A Dvd In It And It See That, But It Wont Let Me Burn A Dvd. Can Anyone Help Me.


It’s not a dvd burner.

By Combo it means read cd and dvd, but only write to cd-r/rw.

I have the liteon Sohc4832k but my computer will only see it at cpromt. if i am windows my computer will not see it. It says driver installed but cannot find device do you think your backup copy will solve my driver issures?

Just bought a compaq sr1710nx and found this drive in my machine. If anyone is still interested, I found I could get the firmware for my drive at the following hp site:

Yes, I am interested in your backup. I have an emachine, T2832, and couldn’t find any firmware for it. Please send it to: :clap: ; I am eternally grateful.