I have a T D K LPCW-100 Label Printer but I do not have the Software so is there any one that could help me with this.
Christy OBrien

Hi obrien2316, Welcome to the forum :flower:

The TDK LPCW-100 and Casio CW100 seem to be identical units. But the TDK uses the same print ribbons as the Casio CW75. You can download the Casio print software from here and test the CW75 and CW100 versions to see if they might work?

Hi Christy and welcome to the forums. :flower:

TDK has stopped support for this but all is not lost as it would appear it’s actually made by Casio.

There’s also a Casio CW-100 and it seems they’re identical.

So try the software here and see if this is what you’re after.

You can also get the manual for the software here.

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