Software Writers

Does anyone know any software writers in need of some good/interesting ideas? Well, I have some…

It occured to me that, as much as I have typed over the years, if there was a specific note assigned to each (letter) key, by now, the alphabet would be permanently ingrained to such a point that, if there were a typo, I would hear it before I ever saw it. Even though I type with only four fingers, I often exceed the machines ability to respond, so it would be good to be able to hear the letters. It might be a great aid for blind people, too.

Neato, huh? I shared that with one programmer on DuckDuckGo chat. He liked it but I don’t know if he did anything with it. If I ever see it, I know where it came from. :wink:

Another piece of software (hopefully freeware) that I have longed to have is something that can stop “aggressive” websites in their tracks. By aggressive I mean those sites that seem to grab your browser by the throat and start shoveling in massive amounts of stuff and won’t let go till it’s finished (!!!):a Damn, those irk me. The world needs something to make them let go.

Likewise, some sites hold on and won’t let you go “back”. Someone needs to write something that’ll make sites let go.

So often, something on my machine starts doing whatever, loading the processor, slowing things down, and I never know just what it is, what it’s doing and why, and how to make it stop it. Someone needs to write something that can know, show and make it stop.

My stupid machine used to waake up at 2:** am and decide it needed to play with the CD for some reason. I had to, like a child with a toy, get up and take it away from it. It would also decide that it would dial up (back in those days) and get online without me. I had to get up and unplug the phone line.

Even now, when nothing is happening and I’m not doing anything, my wireless pickup still blinks. What the hell is it doing?!? Who is it talking to? Is someone trying to hack my (locked) router? Someone needs to make something that knows and controls these self-willed machines.

Well, those are some of the things some bored software writers might consider. If any of these already exist, please let me know.