Software with submenus

I have, hopefully, an easy question. I want to create a DVD with menus and submenus. I’ve noticed that most of the software packages that I can find usually allow you to create several menus, each usually looks like a box that you can put a custom picture in. When you select one of these boxes, then a slideshow starts of each of the videos in that menu. For instance, I have Aimersoft DVD Creator and it allows you to create several slideshows, each containing an unlimited number of videos files. When you select one of the slideshows, it automatically starts to play each video in the slideshow, in ascending order, one after the next. Instead of having a slideshow start, where I have to keep forwarding through the videos to find the one that I want, I’d like to have a sub-menu appear, preferably in a new screen, where I can select the video that I want to watch inside that menu. Is anyone aware of any relatively simple software packages that will allow you to do that?

Most authoring software will let you to compile DVD with one VTS.
There are a few which will allow multiple VTS compilation.
I do not know exactly what are you doing, but Menu usualy has buttons which point to a Title, so when you press that button Title(movie, video) is played.
I do not knew your software, but from what you say, it looks like you are importing a movie to a time line which looks like slides.
To get what you want, you have to make a menu for chapters, where each chapter is one slide.
Hope it helps.

Thanks for your reply. I’m actually just making a karoake disc for the kids. I have several CD+G albums, and I’ve converted the CDG files on each album to mpg. I wanted to put all of the (easily scratched and dropped) CDs onto one DVD. What I was hoping for was a home screen that would show the various albums. If you selected an album, it would then take you to a list of the mpg files contained in that album. You could select an mpg file, play it, and then return to the menu to select another when it was done.
The program that I have right now will create an unlimited number of albums, and you can add an unlimited number of files to each album. But when you select an album, it automatically starts playing a slideshow, beginning with the first file through to the last. I didn’t want to have to fast forward through each file manually to get to one particular file. I’ve considered just trying out some other programs, but before I began looking, I was hoping that someone might have some advice for a program that will work for me.

I understand what you are looking for.
There is a few programs that might do that, most have trail version to check it out.
I use DVD Lab Pro, that will do it for sure, but it is not cheep.
There might be others with some suggestions. Lots of folks use GUI for DVD Author, not sure if that can do it.

What you need is to create a main menu and sub menu for each album with list of songs, where you click on song and it will play it, than return to that menu to choose next.

Nice posts! These also helped me in my burning dilemma. Thanks guys!