Software will not autorun

i have nec2500 flashed 107v2b4 set as master
samsung 353 v807 set as slave

on silicon 0680 pci card
sonydw18a flashed as 812@832vs04 set as master
sony crx230e qsob set as slave

my problem is none of the above drives will now autorun when any software is inserted please as anyone a clue

you say none of the drives will now autorunā€¦ is that implication you did something right before this happened? a software install? Was one of these recently added? We need more info if there is a transition point of when the autorun feature stopped working, and what significant thing you last did. Or was this just a random thing that it stopped.

Also, what O/S are you running?

More info pleaseā€¦

sorry xtacydima new here it just stopped o/s xp athlon 300 gig 3300 ram