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9 July 2012
VeloSSD Update Release Version
Please Install this update, it fixes stability and performance issues.
To go to the update page click Settings->update.
Or download it from
-Write stress hardened. Crystal Diskbench was executed 45 times in a row.
There was nothing unusual to expect or detect.
-issues preventing a machine to start were researched and fixed.
-One very big issue was that of a user reporting boot hang after installation.
The software was changed to detect and neutralize this missbehaviour.
See below for more details on this.
-Removable Storage is not longer allowed as cache for Boot Volumes
-A warning was added before a boot volume cache is created.
-The minimal cache size is now 8GB.

Details on boot hang neutralisation
Such a thing has happened very rarely. Unfortunately there was a complaint.
When the System hangs on the first reboot after installation.
Just press reset, the computer will start then with the cache neutralized.
A Message Box whill show up later on the desktop
and explain the user what has happened.

The VeloSSD Forum is here:
EliteBytes Limited


VeloSSD Update Release Version
Release Date: 18 July 2012
Massive Performance increase.
Multithreaded Benchmarks run near SSD speed.
Stability issues resolved.
For informations on current Software updates
for VeloSSD2012 this thread is the right place.

Update Version is to be released soon.
It includes updates to the user interface.
Mainly, though, performance and stability.
Detailed info will be in the release description.


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 6. August 2012

Here are some major enhancements:

Updates to the user interface.
A temporary cache performance drop after reset or power off condition was removed.
Several other performance and stability issues were removed.

We recommend you update to this latest version:


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 18. August 2012

-Creation of multiple caches in succession.
-Changing the language in the Application.
-Cache Capacity when leaving Dialog with Cancel
-race condition eliminated that could cause inconsitenscies and crash
-Sometimes boot performance degradation.
-The windows boot menu shows up occasionally.

We recommend you update to this latest version:

And now i have weekend…


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 27.8.2012

  • Added the Write Through Feature
  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt the cache.
  • Drive letters A & B are availabe as SSD locations.



VeloSSD2012 Update Version RC
Release Date: 4. September 2012
-removed installation problem ( eb000007 message )
-removed splash screen
-removed autostart of the application
-removed a bug that could lead to slight errors.

Originally this update was scheduled for later in September,
but due to installation problems of some users, we decided to
make it available as soon as possible. It is absolving test runs
for 48hours now.


VeloSSD 2012 Update Version RC
The final version is still in test.
We found/fixed 2 serious issues:

-a growing memory leak, consuming ram.
This will lead to a crash on 24/7 machine.

-a bug that can corrupt the cache.


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 13. September 2012

Includes changes from RC:
-removed installation problem ( eb000007 message )
-removed splash screen
-removed autostart of the application
-removed a bug that could lead to slight errors.

Additional changes:
-removed a growing memory leak.
-removed a bug that can corrupt the cache.
-removed a bug that could block computer shutdown.


Thanks for all of these. I’m lucky to have your services aboard with such ready access.


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
will be released this week ( first October week ).


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 6. October 2012

-Compatibility with Windows 8 / Server 2012
-All known issues around the System reserved hidden Volume fixed.
-8 GB SSD´s can be used now.
-9 improvements in startup, removal and stability.

Please remove existing cache before the installation.


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 9. January 2013
-Issues removed that caused the windows boot menu to appear frequently.
-Several more storage scenarios will install correctly now.

You should definitely update if the windows boot menu appears or if your storage configuration did not work at all with VeloSSD.
This is a maintenance only update. Please stay tuned for the major update scheduled Quartal 1 2013. It will support 128 terabyte volumes and Ram Cache. The later being a real afterburner.


Here is the download URL:


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 17. January 2013

-Problems with Windows Update were removed.
-Windows Mirror-, Span-, Stripe- and RAID 5 Volumes work.

The download link above is correct. If you have any trouble using it, try right click and open in new tab. But left click works, it is a valid functional Url. Was tested with major browsers.


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 20. March 2013

Excerpt from Relase Notes:

  1. added EFI / UEFI native Boot / Windows 8 Secure boot compatibility.
  2. Host volume size is not longer limited to 2 Terabyte, the maximum size now is 128 Terabyte.
  3. added support to use cache on software raid.
    ( Useful to bundle SSD´s for capacity and speed. See the chapter about bundling SSD´s at the end of the user manual.)
  4. When you remove your SSD while cache is installed, you can start and use your computer as normally.
    ( all earlier versions required the SSD to be in place to boot the cached operating system. )
  5. The Cache Algorithm is now “scan resistant”.
    (Scan resistance will prevent the cache from being polluted by big copy operations.)
  6. A user manual and help system for VeloSSD was added.
  7. The write back is more time near, it will also completely sync data on shutdown. It will detect when the computer was not shutdown properly and sync data before it restarts.
    (After a reset or cold power off, you will experience a little delay on the following reboot. This comes from the sync happening.)
  8. The Multi Thread performance is much better than before.
    ( This comes into effect when many processes read and write at the same time. Disk Benchmarks will show this performance gain in a section that´s usually called QD4 and QD16 )
  9. No reboot necessary after cache installation.
    ( No interruption, instant acceleration. Non Boot volumes only. All earlier versions required reboots.)
  10. The latency time for write operations was reduced.
  11. We solved a problem with hibernation on Windows 8.
  12. We solved a problem with recovery after a reset / power off in certain conditions.
  13. We solved a problem that could cause minor file system corruption in certain conditions.
  14. The cache installation assistant was improved.

User Manual


I have personal edition installed but this update is not showing up in the automatic updates check…
Is this actually available yet?


It was online, for a few days.
We deferred it until 5th April 2013.
Problems on Windows XP and some minor new fixes.
So it will be up as 2.1.0.x around April.


We have the update almost perfect for public release now.
It will take 2-3 days though. So around 7. / 8. April.


VeloSSD2012 Update Version
Release Date: 7. April 2013

-Removed a problem with SSD Cluster sizes other then 4k.
-Removed the root cause for problems with and Shutdown and hibernation.
-in rare cases adding a cache failed with Error 0xeb000008. Fixed.
-Removed a problem with that did a little corruption now and then after a restart.


EliteBytes is pleased to announce this free update of VeloSSD.

Version is a compatibility update.

[B]Windows 8.1 / Server 2012 R2 compatibility.:D[/B]