Software Update: WinMX 3.31 released

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allmdm made my day, because he informed us about an update of my favourite file-sharing program. It’s only a minor update though.

October 19, 2002

WinMX v3.31 is now available. This…

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I like how it says in the top of it “winmx 3.31 available.” Not like some programs that get all up in your face about upgrading

Some even make you update whether you want to or not. WinMX is probably the best programmed non-gnutella file sharing program around. Much smoother than Kazaa, and much more reliable.

it’s a great program but the last couple of releases i have noticed that it’s alot harder to avoid a queue now

indead a good program, although the program is getting slower and slower! And those queues are terrible! Last weeks I use soulseek. Worth a try!

I don’t know what you have been doing the last few weeks, but Soulseak is dead! They have pulled the plug. Or is this some kind of necrofiliac thing you have been doing> :wink:

I’m sticking with Kazaa lite 2.0. WinMX simply doesn’t have the user base or the features I want in a filesharing program.

this version is bugged. much more than 3.30. use it with care !:frowning:

I would tend to agree with claude06: after using it for 2-3 days a couple hours at a time, I got a blue screen of death. Subsequent attempts to load it again resulted in the same blue screens. Back to 3.3 for me and smooth sailing.

Nohair so soulseek is dead is it?.. thats why im using it now then hmmmmm

If WinMX had a larger user base, it would be, by far, the best file sharing program. Kazaa has to be the most bloated piece of software to come down the wire in a long time. It’s up there with RealPlayer.

Audigalaxy was the best i think. But where did al those files go? I never found a lot of them with Kazaa, WinMx or others

I tend to find new albums up quicker on Winmx but there’s always a long wait.And every version eventually crashes my system with the blue screen of death and then I have to reinstall.But I use both Winmx and kazaa lite to find what I want. :4

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