Software update: RegionKiller v2.7.0.2 - watch foreign DVDs

I just posted the article Software update: RegionKiller v2.7.0.2 - watch foreign DVDs.

Gravurecity used our newssubmit to tell us that Elaborate Bytes has released a new version of their DVD RegionKiller software. With this software you’ll be able to watch foreign DVDs on your home…

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crap. I heard many people complaining about this. use dvd genie, it still works for windvd 4.5 and guess for other soft either. but I have a question - after installing windvd I am able to play dvds on windows media player 8, it simply uses the intervideo decoder, but is ms media player region protected? so far I’ve been able to play region 2 protected dvds on media player without problems, but what would happen if I tried to play a region 1 dvd in media player? would it ask me to change the region code? if yes, how do I reset the counter? My dvd itself is not regionprotected (cracked firmware). I also cracked my hollywood+ decoder using remote selector and windvd using genie and WinDVD Tweaker Pro. But I am still unsure about the media player itself.

Since Media Player is not a DVD player I would assume that it is not region protected in itself. BUT as you wrote, it uses the Intervideo decoder so I think it also inherits the decoders region protections. So the solution is to use DVD Genie or other program to make the Intervideo decoder region free. I am not sure about this, but it’s worth a try.

found some info here: indeed, our beloved uncle billy gates built in a protection, but it’s easily circumvented, as the page above describes. actually I must say it really gets on my nerves that I have to crack 1 mio programmes to watch dvds I am paying for. capitalism sucks. till now I cracked my dvddrive, my hardware decoder, windvd, and media player - and that all on win98 and winxp. as if I got nothing else to do. I am tired of this