Software Update: Kazaa Lite version 1.72

I just posted the article Software Update: Kazaa Lite version 1.72.

Thanks to CopyQuest we can inform you that a new version of Kazaa Lite has been released. Most people by now will know this software. It’s the same as Kazaa but without all the spy- and addware…

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The news ain’t fresh at all, it’s a week old :c

And how about- better never than so late ? Otherwise, it’s not news.

To you it’s not. To someone else it might be. I was doubting to post the news but since it handn’t been posted on our site before I posted it for the reason mentioned before: some people might not known about a new version and now they do. There’s really no need to start complaining right?

Guys, can it be that there were people that didn’t knew there was an update? Furthermore, DoMiN8ToR, G@M3FR3@K, MP|3, … don’t get money for posting. They all do it during their free time, so give them a break when something is posted a little late. :wink:

@Gamefreak There’s nothing to complain about. I’m just pointing out. And you definitely get my point here. @dansmug it can be so. No doubts 'bout it. That’s not news either. Are you a 500 y.o. creature ? Then I understand your point about “a little late” when talking about a week late. You see, nowadays, in XXII, everything is being done in a matter of minutes and sometimes ( and more often ) even seconds. Are you aware about that ? This has been my main point :wink:

XXI, that is

I have ObserveD that: Kazaa sucks, Via kazaa you only get virus and crap. Dwnl a movie is always bad luck it is never the movie you hoped or it is bad quality or no sound or a other language. Music is always bad stuff virus, low quality, not the song you thought or just crap. kazaa and it’s clones suck. The ObserveR (I have observed this and it is my opion)

I’m glad they posted it cause it’s news to me. So what they it’s a week late, everything else is usually ahead of the times. So quit complaining. Be gratefull thier’s still freedom enough to even read free thinking.

@boskin XXI, that is Try MMII unless of course you are living in the year 21.

go to and search for: kazaa_lite_172_english. when version 1.73 comes out, search for kazaa_lite_173_english simple as that.

I don’t think Kazaa sucks. Its quite nice to get anime. Ok its slow and has a crappy interface but if you leave your pc on over night and when your @ work its ok. When i come home i`ll have some new Episodes of Inuyasha. ViRuZ

@iamrocket By saying “XXI” I meant 21st century. I simply didn’t include “C”,'cos I thought it would go without saying ( for those who can read between lines !) that XXI x 100 = 21st century. Well, they otherwise are called the Roman digits. And in your version of it ( when talking about this particular YEAR )there definitely will be as MMII. M = 1000 years I = 1 year So, do you get the picture and the concrete difference ? :wink: I didn’t talk about the year of 2002 , you know.

as for not finding correct files/movies on kazaas, there is a small prog called sig2dat. it creates dat files. with that in mind, there are sites that give you the correct hash marks to the correct files and voila: the end result is correct files and movies! here are the sites: for Movies for various files and help.

This new Kazaa Lite version has been out since the 26th of July but better late than never…