Software update: GameJack v2.00.164 - eats the sheep?

I just posted the article Software update: GameJack v2.00.164 - eats the sheep?.

Yesterday we reported that a new software program had seen the light and we showed you its very promising features. Today, thanks to drain for the newssubmit, a new version has been released with…

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I’m sure it tastes good :9

i bet it tastes good :D, but let’s see if it can beat our booze program: alcohol 120%. sounds promissing, i’m gonna get me that demo, and give it a run

CD protection = loserz :slight_smile:

I would rather say it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing… in the sense that everyone is trying to copy the successful clonecd concept and tries to make money. There are only two originals: clonecd and blindwrite suite. everything else is a copy. and as the American people said at the US congressional elections, why take a copy if you can have the original?

Why did they (the american people) take a copy, and not the original, maybe because the original is in retirerment

Original - the Republicans. The copy - the Democrats. They shouldn’t have supported Bush on anti-terrorism measures. By supporting him they became a pale copy of the Republicans. No profile/identity of their own. The democrats are incredibly stupid. They thought if they support Bush he wouldn’t use the security issues as the central issue of his campaign. they should have known better. Bush doesn’t know anything about economy, he’s simply too stupid. That’s why he diverts attention from economy to security. and he was successful, I must admit. If the democrats followed al gore in his criticism of Bush they may have won the congressional elections. But it seems there are just 5 or 6 Democrats in the whole country who still have enough brain to recognise what’s going on

hi… just d’loaded it, 13meg, and is shit-house . It backed up UT2003 Aus. ok, and did work with emulation, with about 8 seconds of the securom icon, but when u try to burn, goddam, its hard, got 3 coasters for my touble… dont use it!!!, or wait or english translation or an english guide, coz no way without knowing decent german can it be done… and even with basic german, i counldnt burn a working disc.

I accept you removing my reply, but be fair guys this is promoting piracy and you say you don’t condone it, so you got me confused now Greets too the one and only CDFreaks :8