Software update: DVD X Copy v1.3 - major changes

I just posted the article Software update: DVD X Copy v1.3 - major changes.

so40 used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of DVD X Copy has been released. On the DVD X Copy forum we can read the following message:

DVD X Copy v1.3:

The first thing…

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Nero engine is integrated into the product. I say nomore :d Something doesn’t add up here. 22 meg of Dll files, more like it was sloppy coded and not compacted. Greets The Diplomat :8

Is that a full copy, or just a update? If its just an update, it wouldn’t need as many files.

Heh. If you go to their site and go to the download section, you can see that v1.2.2 is 25MB for the full install and that v1.3 is 3MB for the full install.