Software Update: CD-R ATIP Reader 0.9

I just posted the article Software Update: CD-R ATIP Reader 0.9.

Once again GRAVURECITY has given us a link to another helpful CD-R tool. A new version of CD-R ATIP Reader has entered our world. If you haven’t already got an ATIP reader, this tool might deserve a…

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still using CDRIdentifier.

Sure as CDRIdentifier is good and free. This utility can help if you want to see all fields of ATIP data block. Most of them are zero, but for CDRW A1 Values are filled. Also it tries to read feedback from disc information - id and bar code.

Since CDR-Identifier isn’t continued anymore, the (most important) information about the manufacturer of the disc is missing whith newer ATIP’s. So any tool wich can provide this information is welcome. I use at the moment also the Smartburn-Tool from Liteon (which works with my Yamaha 3200 too).