Software update: BurnQuick v2.10b - simplest burning program

I just posted the article Software update: BurnQuick v2.10b - simplest burning program.

ROHLING used our newssubmit to tell us that a new version of BurnQuick has been released. BurnQuick is a CD burning software that integrates into the Windows shell and according to the authors it’s…

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some time ago I read something about a mod for winxp, which allows to extend the possibilities of the winxp roxio licensed packet writing engine, so that also burning of isos becomes possible. you get it for free - packet writing and iso writing, so why pay for another software without sophisticated features. also, let’s count: start winoncd - 2 sec. drag and drop the files - 5 sec. click the burn button - 1 sec. = 8 sec. plus consider that winoncd has many features. so what’s the point in using this software? that’s just another greedy developer who tries to make money out of the booming burnsoft market